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The Progressive Massachusetts Funders Collaborative (PMFC)

The Progressive Massachusetts Funders Collaborative (PMFC) is a statewide group of individual social justice donors and donor advisors working to advance Massachusetts' progressive agenda. PMFC works in partnership with grassroots field leaders, foundations and philanthropic affinity groups. As a state donor table, PMFC is also part of a national network of other state tables and affiliated with the national organization, Committee on States (CoS). 


PMFC leverages funds to support projects that connect and align the progressive electoral ecosystem and that have an impact beyond any one campaign. PMFC identifies and helps scale new and emerging organizations and centers women and people of color in funding.


PMFC has surveyed the political and electoral landscape to discover and help bolster the grassroots civic organizations and collaboratives that are aligned with its vision. PMFC works to build a more democratic and equitable Massachusetts by strengthening grassroots political power within the movement ecosystem to win policies that benefit the Commonwealth as a whole and particularly marginalized communities. PMFC meets together to learn, strategize and align funding for greater impact. 


PMFC seeks to accomplish the following:


  • Build a more reflective democracy by increasing the number of women and people of color running and winning elected office

  • Analyze the current progressive electoral ecosystem and seed fund or support gaps 

  • In partnership with BIPOC-led community based organizations, support efforts to encourage civic participation and pass bold progressive legislation 

  • Increase the number of individual donors supporting year-round civic engagement and progressive movement building work

  • Ensure government transparency and hold elected officials accountable

  • Shine the spotlight on Massachusetts unique barriers in an effort toward becoming a true progressive (not just blue) state 

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